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Acrobat Stop- Let's Focus on Practicing.

Focus and know how to stop your skeleton upright. Acrobats jump with two feet and land with bent knees, chest up, and hands in front to a complete stop. This allows us to keep our bones healthy and safe. We learn to be in control of our bodies by jumping with two feet to a stop. If we fall we should tuck to a roll keeping our hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders from injury. Practice at home as often as you jump!

Encourage safe jumping. Jump with two feet to protect hips and land with a strong sturdy stop. First, try jumping a small jump off the ground to a stop, then try an ever bigger jump off the ground. Once a stop has been mastered try jumping from a small height of a step to a stop. When we practice correctly we build safe practices which allow optimal growth. Please know that our program starts at ages 15 months and jumping with two feet is a skill that is being taught but will take time to learn. Please no jumping from high places without mastering jump stops through stages of practice, starting on the ground first. We suggest our younger acrobats climb down off the mat instead of jumping until they are ready.

Check out this video of our acrobats in action...

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