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The Story Behind Our Movement Program

Loud and Proud Acrobats was founded in 2016 by an old gymnast who is dedicated to encouraging and motivating movement for well-being. Based in Chattanooga, TN we are an active and enthusiastic movement program with a focus on acrobatic skills, character building, educational skills, and the well-being of our young community. We like to keep up the energy and excitement. We always welcome new acrobats and invite current acrobats to build upon what has been learned. Our career is our passion and our focus is our mission.

Safety is our number one goal followed by confidence. We strive to only have 3 to 5 students in a class at a time. 

Simply put, we love moving together, learning together, and developing together!

Loud and Proud Acrobats® allows the physical, mental, and emotional self ages 15m-5yrs to develop.

We believe in healthy living using movement as the pathway to learn, develop, and grow!

Loud and Proud Acrobats® encourages self-discovery while exploring and developing: character traits, and acrobatic and educational skills, for both boys and girls. Our program has a unique way to embrace children's inquiries, guide their explorations, and celebrate their discoveries! We offer a secure and nurturing environment that encourages creative expression where each child can express self, freely and creatively. 

Our teachers encourage and guide movement in a way that fosters social- emotional development and focuses on whole self, in each individual acrobat. We guide self awareness and give management tools that gives acrobats opportunity to make responsible, respectful decisions where confidence has opportunity to develop. Social Emotional Learning is a focus of ours as well as differentiated learning, multi level instructions, cooperative learning, competitive learning, individualistic learning, and activity based instruction. We recognize Tennessee Standards for Early Childcare, Approaches to Learning . 

Having a small teacher to student ratio gives our teachers the ability to focus on developing each child’s movement needs, as well as educational needs. Early learning development needs are being met through focused movement. Life skills are being learned while character building is being developed. Our focus is our mission and our teaching approach is effective. Our acrobats are uniquely awesome. 

Our team is passionate about supporting and guiding our mission. We believe movement is the pathway for healthier, happier self. We partner with you and your child to help develop confidence, coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, mobility,  spatial awareness, respect, responsibility, patience, honesty, caring, kindness, perseverance, determination, educational and acrobatic skills. All learning is developed in a safe, creative and enjoyable environment. Our classes are structured for optimal growth of your child.


Loud and Proud Acrobats has taught thousands of acrobats and classes since 2016. We are thankful for each acrobat and their growth encourages us to grow. Meet our staff and let us know if you have any questions. 

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