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Happy New Year! Jan 2023 Loud and Proud Acrobats

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

We are eager to start the New Year with exciting changes!

Loud and Proud Acrobats is a mindful, educational movement class for ages 15m-5yrs. Our acrobats are given the optimal opportunity to grow and develop using movement as the pathway to building character, strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, spatial awareness, positive behavior change, listening, responsibility, respect, honesty, kindness, perseverance, and determination, as well as acrobat/gymnastics skills. Each acrobat has the opportunity to build physical, mental, and emotional self while achieving great skills. Our acrobats learn to focus. They are awesome and capable of keeping their body safe while exploring fun, invigorating movement. We have had the opportunity to teach our acrobats since 2016!

We are transitioning to 3 classes a month for $47 compared to the previous 6 weeks for $93.6. Currently, Classes are in person and offered at several locations near Chattanooga, TN. Online classes are coming soon!

In-person classes are continuing and we are eager to continue helping our young community grow and develop, in ways the traditional educational classroom can not provide. Loud and Proud Acrobats In-person classes are unique in the fact that we strive to only have 4 acrobats/students, in class, at a time to allow optimal growth in a safe, fast-pass environment. We focus to learn how to be responsible, confident, and safe. Acrobats class is unique each time, our focus is clear and we learn to achieve because movement is the pathway to learning. Join us today and watch as your child continue to bloom into their most confident, respectful, and responsible self using movement as the pathway to grow.

Coming Soon:

Weekly Online classes will allow acrobats to practice what they have learned at home. Being confident in knowing how to keep safe while giving exploring fun, educational acrobats at home. Families are welcome to join in, as well. A personalized equipment bag is needed for these classes- a one-time purchase of $59.

Currently, we have In-person Acrobats available and are hopeful to have an online option available by Feb 2023. Let us know if you have any questions.

Loud and Proud Acrobats

Monthly Programs

$47 - In-Person -3 classes a month at childcare settings near Chattanooga, TN, and open to the public at DragonFly Dreams.

$26- Online -4 classes offered a month-Coming soon

$73- Loud and Proud Acrobats In-person and online- 7 classes a month- Coming soon

Click the link below to join acrobats:

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