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Acrobats are Respectful. Know your acrobat is learning non stop and being encourage to be optimal self! We could all focus on respect as often as we can to allow more opportunities to build, grow and develop!

Acrobats focus on Respect through listening and knowing expectation in the acrobat classroom. We focus on using kind, nice and positive words to communicate. Manners allows us to build respect for ourself and our peers. We learn to take turns and keep our self safe by listening and knowing safety guidelines, that allow respect for our self and our classmates. We discuss giving our bodies healhty fuel to allow us to grow and develop healthy self. Also we know that brushing our teeth, putting on clean clothes and brushing hair are great

practices that allow us to admire, respect, ourself. Sharing and taking turns allows us to build respect with one another. We take a moment to watch our teammates perform a skill and cheer for them to respect our teammate. We are proud of our acrobats learning life skills!

Practice respect as often as possible. Speak respectful words, yes ma'am, yes sir, yes please, no thank you and encourage your acrobat to use manners often. Perseverance is key with our young acrobats. Make eye contact while having a conversation with your acrobat, letting them take turns talking and listening. Discuss and encourage respecting self by healthy habits of hydrating, hygiene, exercise, and stretching. Also, taking moment to take a breathe when energy is high, overwhelming or low will allow emotion to have opportunity to settle to be able to make respectful choices. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. we got this!

Acrobat skills need focus. Try stretching with your acrobat to respect your muscles by giving them what they need to be well. Take moment in the morning and/or the evening to stretch in a pike stretch, a straddle and a tuck. Encourage stretching to be slow and steady and try to hold a stretch to a count of ten. Stretching daily allows opportunity for flexibility and mobility to grow! Safety: stretching should never be painful, stop and slow down while stretching then stop for a hold, before pain is felt.

Above: Tuck Stretch

Left: Pike Stretch

Below: Straddle Stretch

Practice stretching

in the morning to get

the day started and

after bath time

before bed time, to

allow better rest! You

Got This!

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