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Confidence is key in Acrobats

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Welcome to our Acrobat blog.

We have been established since 2016 and are eager to continue to grow and allow more opportunities for our Acrobats and their families.

Our program is designed with specific focuses on each class to allow optimal growth in your child. We are confident in the growth of each of our acrobats. We believe each child is capable of learning and we meet them on their level and build physical and mental goals, one step at a time. We encourage and motivate all children, typically developed and non-typically developed. We encourage independent skill performance by giving the opportunity to speak the name Loud and Proud in front of classmates, choose a skill that they believe in, and show the skill while being cheered for. We are confident that we meet TN Standards and guide our acrobats to optimal self. We are confident that our ratio gives an optimal opportunity for each acrobat to grow! Let's dive deeper into confidence in your child.

We guide each child through safe acrobats. Teaching each skill and safety responsibilities. Our acrobats trust what they have been taught, then practice to build confidence in each skill.

We gain confidence through positive reinforcement, knowing responsibility, honesty, practice and perseverance. Our acrobats know what is expected of them because we have guided them to know the skill being learned, the safety of body position of skills and the safety of the equipment being used. We practice with them, then they explore independently. If they make mistakes they have the opportunity to make a correction by slowing down relearning how, and then practice safely to build Confidence. Believe in yourself, and know you are capable! Positive affirmations, encourage acrobats to continue to build upon what they have learned, believing they can!


Acrobats can practice confidence at home, in the classroom and anywhere you go. Encourage your acrobat to make eye contact while speaking, sit or stand up straight and tall, and speak loud enough to be heard! Try having them order their food at a restaurant, introduce themself when they meet someone new, and remind them to believe in themselves. Give praise when they are brave and confident. Building confidence through acrobatic skills allows the opportunity to grow and develop. Practice safe skills at home, knowing safety precautions and never allow acrobat skills on the bed.

Safety Tips for Confidence in Skills

Knowing how to guide your acrobat will allow correction with skills being practiced at home.

Acrobat stop is necessary to move forward in skills. Jump up and land with feet apart, hands out front, chest up, and knees bent. Practicing jumping to a stop, then jumping and turn to a stop.

Rolling forward, the chin must be to the chest, and weight is moved from feet to hands by lifting heals and hips moving weight forward, and tucking to a roll. Practice standing on a pillow putting your hands in front of the pillow then rolling forward.

Handstands, always look at your hands and land on your feet, not knees. Practice handstands with feet on a wall, holding handstands looking at hands.

We are excited you are here, please leave a comment or contact us anytime. Thank you for giving your acrobat this opportunity to grow!

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